About Me – Jill Martin

Jill MartinJill Martin, Certified Professional Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Throughout my life, I always carried a passion for nutrition, and along with that passion, came the desire to always lead a healthy lifestyle. Over time, I developed several techniques that helped me maintain that lifestyle, but as I gazed into they eyes of crumbling individuals, losing themselves at the bottom of potato chip bags, I realized that what I wanted most was to help people. I wanted to spread knowledge.

It is surprising at times how many people do not know how to obtain proper fitness and nutrition habits. As someone who has made this her life passion, I feel it is my duty to spread the word. No two bodies are the same, that is why I work one on one with my clients in order to provide a personal health plan for their body, which, in the end, makes all the difference.

About Me
Located in the beautiful state of Texas, I serve clients in Dallas as well as surrounding areas. I am a certified personal trainer and have a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition. I received my degree after four years of college and then went on to receive my certification. Since then, I have worked as a personal trainer and nutrition coach to a variety of clients.

In 2013, I received the Trainer of the Year Award in the state of Texas and during my third year of school I was awarded with the Young Adults Nutrition Award, which is awarded to only one student every year. I consider these to be an honor that only keep me working harder towards my goals.

There are no quick fixes for weight loss or building up strength, I have worked my entire life to obtain the health I have. It takes hard work as well as a focused mindset and that is the knowledge that I want to give to others.

I’ve recently started some of my clients on the venus factor diet.  The first 12 weeks have gone well and believe it should also provide some long term weight maintenance too.

What Other Clients Have Said

“Other personal trainers have always been so pushy, but working with Jill was like working with a friend. She is understanding, but she tells the truth, not just what people want to hear.”
-Katherine, age 36

“I have never felt so refreshed!”
-Mary, age 22

“Not only have I lost 50 pounds, but I now have more energy than I did in high school, I can get down on the floor with my grandchildren, and that was Jill’s gift to me. She will not let you down!”
-Carlotta, age 65

“I have been seeing Jill for five years now, she does not just ‘fix you’ and then run off. She is in it with you for the long run.”
-Betty, age 39

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